I have a new story A POPULAR NOVELIST FORESEES HIS DEATH in FLEETING MAGAZINE:http://fleetingmagazine.com/2011/11/25/a-popular-novelist-foresees-his-death/

“Did she actually shake, though, Ray wondered, or did she quiver? Did she quiver, or did she quake? It didn’t matter. He was certain now that next time she quivered and/or shook her head would end up on his shoulder. She would like her head resting on his steep shoulder so much that she would keep it nestled there. She would then, each time the plane quivered and/or quaked, rub her lovely head into his steep shoulder that was as hard as plate armour. The skies above Greenland might be empty but later tonight fireworks would spread over London, drizzling rosy and indigo. She would quiver and she would quake.”

A POPULAR NOVELIST FORESEES HIS DEATH is part of FLEETING’S rather wonderful INDIA’S BOOK project: http://indiasbook.wordpress.com/