I have a new story, ULTIMA THULE published today in fwriction review :http://www.fwrictionreview.com/

“Ansbro crossed a deserted market square, wary of slush and ice, the weight of his overnight bag and The Product drawing down on his shoulders. In what he assumed was the city’s main drag he passed pubs and bars, all empty. Behind the windows of pizzerias and restaurants untouched wineglasses were arranged in shining squares on circular tables. It was Thursday evening. It was still snowing. The cold latched itself to his face as he paused on a traffic island to check his street plan. According to the chatty buff on the train the whole city had once been an island, an inland island that resisted The Conqueror. After it fell, no later campaigns followed, no skirmishes, uprisings or even an air raid. Ansbro didn’t find this surprising, given its remoteness. It was only surprising, and more so inconvenient that his esteemed client was headquartered up here. Ansbro, representative of Bastion—the publishers of usually low-quality military history books—had left London early for an appointment that had taken over two years to arrange, the breakthrough being the acquisition of The Product. It would have to snow today. The train would have to stop about fifteen times and then, after an incident on the line, huddle for hours at the white outskirts of the city.”

Given that fwriction asked me to contribute a song to their playlist to accompany ULTIMA THULE and given that the story will be published in two parts and is of a wintry feel, I chose The Fall’s Winter (Hostel-Maxi)/Winter 2.

ULTIMA THULE is part of my story sequence, THE SYLLABUS OF ERRORS