There’s a new review of TOUCHING THE STARFISH by Sarah Dobbs on her NEVERENDING STORIES blog: Touching the Starfish

From Sarah’s review:

“So what is Touching the Starfish?

It’s a book for every creative writing lecturer out there. If you ever wanted to write about your experiences in this area, then don’t. It’s been done. And I can’t imagine it being done better than TTS manages to do. There’s plenty of Thank God It’s Not Just Me moments when Nathan Flack, the novel’s protagonist is describing his horrific experiences with his new tutor group. There’s a lot of footnote asides that explain about the Moon-Barkers and Rom-Ts and Wrong-Roomers that inhabit his group.(1) You know what I mean, the ones that would merrily drive you crazy. If you let them.

(1) Put simply, the bonkers, the over-romantics and people who should really be telling it to a therapist type of students.”