Reviews for UNTHOLOGY No.3 are starting to appear and are extremely favourable.

FRAN SLATER on BOOK MUNCH says:  “I’ll be surprised if I read a better anthology all year.The editors suggested a showcase of short story writing talent in their introduction, and they did not let us down.”

LAURA WILKINSON on Amazon gives UNTHOLOGY No.3 five stars and gives a big tick to my story TRANS-NEPTUNE.
“Editor Ashley Stokes’ novelette, Trans-Neptune, sits at the heart of the collection. It is an erudite, witty meditation on emotional dyslexia, breakdown and obsession, and the damage inflicted on a relationship as a result. William, a man for whom `deep space contact was less scary than eye contact’, is so preoccupied with the outer reaches of our Solar System and the discovery of a new planet he is blind to more earthly matters: frustrated, regretful and desperate for attention his wife is voyaging outside the gravitational pull of their marriage. But this does the work a disservice – it’s so much more than this. Richly textured it can be read over and over.”

UNTHOLOGY No.3, edited by Robin Jones and Ashley Stokes can be pre-ordered from Amazon; ordered directly for £10 incl. postage from information@unthankbooks. com and will be launch at the UnLit Festival, 9th November 2012, York Tavern, 1 Leicester Street, Norwich.