I have a new story TEMPLE AND SPACE available to read on FWRICTION: REVIEW, the people who first brought you ULTIMA THULE in 2010.

TEMPLE AND SPACE was written last summer and is part of my new collection THE SUSCEPTIBLES.

TEMPLE AND SPACE also comes with its own theme song,I Ran All the Way Home by Black Box Recorder.

“The thrumming on her hood merged with the clatter of rain on the vehicles’ roofs in what she realized now was a carpark. Her feet felt raw, slashed. Her suede boots had not been made for hiking, let alone sprinting on wet tarmac.

She couldn’t believe she’d remained calm on the hard shoulder, in the squall, with the black moor on one side and on the other hundreds of stranded cars. A crash had brought twelve miles of traffic to a standstill. The tailback would only slow him down for so long. She didn’t have time to stand and listen to the rain. Directly ahead was a service station called Pitstop. Someone would recognize her there.”

Temple and Space

Temple and Space