Catriona’s Five-Year Plan.

I have a new story, Catriona’s Five Year Plan in the second issue of Lakeview International Journal, which you can read here. Catriona is part of my collection-in-progress, The Susceptibles. 

“When Pitch was barefoot and standing with his hands on his hips a feeling coursed over Matt. The feeling had a single connotation. It reminded him of when he’d been eight or nine and at Cub Scout camp and this man had led him into woods that seemed to go on for miles and miles. The man kept saying that something important was coming, something Matthew would like. When they finally arrived there was nothing but a crater and a tyre swing. Someone had broken the swing. A tractor tyre and a coil of electric blue rope lay far down below in the dust.

Even then Matt knew that this wasn’t the important thing. Something was supposed to happen. Beforehand, the very air and the bracken had shivered with future knowledge.

One day it would happen.

One day he would get ever so lost.”

Lakeview International Journal

Lakeview International Journal