There’s a new review of UNTHOLOGY 4 by Andre van Loon in LITRO magazine.

“All the world loves a lover. Untroubled responses to the world, born aloft by the knowledge the significant other will understand and encourage; well yes, what’s not to like? This, however, is not what you’ll find in Unthology 4. Unthank Books’ new short story collection, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones, is bereft of successful lovers. Instead we get a couple who can’t stand each other, even on holiday; a young thief who tries but fails to keep his better romantic self in check; a middle class woman whose biggest adventure starts when her marriage ends and other young-ish people like them. With a few notable exceptions, Unthology 4 mainly focuses on what it means to lose the other.”

Unthology 4 is also available for Kindle.

Unthology 4

Unthology 4