Unthology 5

There’s another very good review of Unthology 5, this time from Cath Barton  at Sabotage Reviews. It’s interesting how the eclecticism of Unthology is being  seen as its hallmark now.

“The biannual Unthology collections of short stories published by Norwich-based Unthank Books deliberately allow a wide range of stories to ‘rub up against one another’. In Unthology 5 the results are sometimes startling as the reader moves, say, from the gentle restraint of Home Counties relationships in John D Rutter’s ’79 Green Gables’ and a new relationship facilitated by Schubert in Maggie Ling’s ‘Death and the Maiden’ to the remorseless violence of bare-fisted wrestling in Andrew Oldham’s powerful story ‘The Lesser God’. Of course the stories can be read in any order, but however they tackle the book I would expect most readers to come across at least one story which will take them out of their comfort zone and introduce them to new ways of seeing the world.

If I was a little sceptical about this way of putting such a mix of stories together I am converted. Each of the fourteen stories has its own differentiated voice, and those voices can speak one after another and all be heard, just as different tones of voices are audible at a party or in a committee.”

The 'flawless' Unthology 5.

The ‘flawless’ Unthology 5.