Unthology 5

There’s another great review of Unthology 5 today, this time from Andre van Loon at Litro.

“In Unthology 5, Unthank Books’ new short story collection edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones, this modern spirit of doubt and negation is ever-present. Each of the fourteen stories, by new and established authors, turns on a moment of uncertainty, unease, or loss of control. The first story is entitled “A Little More Prayer” (“that’s all we need”, one of its lead characters complains, “a little more prayers”) and the last story “The End of the World”. We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

It’s interesting that reviewers are beginning to pick up on a common theme of uncertainty in Unthology. Elizabeth Baines writes about this subject today on the Unthank Books Blog.


The 'flawless' Unthology 5.

The ‘flawless’ Unthology 5.


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