Eclecticism: How Unthology Works.


The 'flawless' Unthology 5.

The ‘flawless’ Unthology 5.


I’ve written a little piece for the international short story forum Thresholds about Unthology and how we make our selections. It’s called Eclecticism: How Unthology Works.

“Unthology from the outset has been eclectic, expansive and inclusive and eschewed all critical agendas and tourniquets. We impose no wordcount on writers. We like experimentation and formal adventure, but we also admire classicism and ease. We like poise and sophistication as much as we enjoy delinquency and rage. We have a conviction that by placing stories of different styles beside one another, the nature of both changes for the reader, just like placing a urinal in an art gallery, or a glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre urges the viewer to reconsider both. We were bored of magazines and collections that either hanker after only one type of story (or writer), or reflect the work of a limited, self-congratulatory peer group or a regional bias. The house of fiction has many windows. We want to see the view from all of them. We like the idea of the anthology as kaleidoscope, as spectrum, as litmus strip, ever fecund, ever various.”

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