Mash Stories Interview

Cheryl Whittaker recently interviewed me for Mash Stories, the online creative writing blog. We ranged over subjects as diverse as the Unthank School ethos, changes to my own writing and the hoary question of whether creative writing can be taught.


“I’d kind of experienced an approach which said, “here’s this thing called poetry; it’s better than prose. Here’s this thing called literary fiction; it’s better than genre fiction. Here’s a clutch of writers you must absorb and emulate; if you don’t, we don’t like you. We won’t let you come to our parties.” I was bored of this and wanted to emphasize eclecticism and learning from all sorts of styles and genres. I don’t want to dismiss anything and I’ve always wanted to know how all forms of expression and storytelling ‘work’.”

You can read the full interview here.