Project U: Norwich vs New York

Project U: The Unthank Prose Event

Project U: The Unthank Prose Event

Unthank Books are ever so delighted to invite you to the next great surge as we bring to the ring Project U: Norwich vs New York on January 27th 2015, featuring the launch of Unthology 6, Unthank’s FIFTH birthday celebrations and above all a collaboration with New York indie press great weather for MEDIA.

Founded in January 2012, great weather for MEDIA focuses on the unpredictable, the fearless, the bright, the dark, and the innovative…

Founded in February 2010, Unthank Books focuses on pretty much the same.



Your host and referee for the evening: Mr Robin Jones, publisher at Unthank Books.

In the blue corner, our good friends from NYC, great weather for MEDIA, with readings from:

Jane Ormerod is the author of Welcome to the Museum of Cattle (Three Rooms Press, 2012), Recreational Vehicles on Fire (Three Rooms Press, 2009), the chapbook 11 Films (Modern Metrics/EXOT Books, 2008), and the spoken word CD Nashville Invades Manhattan. Jane’s work also appears in numerous US and international anthologies and journals including Have a Nice NYC (Three Rooms Press, 2012), Maintenant, AND / OR, Marsh Hawk Press Review, The Nervous Breakdown, Ambush Review, and Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts. She is a founding editor at Great Weather for Media.


Martin Ouvry worked as a musician in Europe and America before taking an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. His awards include UEA’s Alumni Prize for Fiction, an Arts Council Individual Writer’s Award, a Hawthornden Fellowship and a Wingate Scholarship in Literature. He has reviewed books for the Sunday Times, the FT and the Observer, while his fiction has been published in various anthologies and magazines including Tell Tales, New Writing and Esquire. His story ‘Forget-Me-Not’ was shortlisted for BBC Radio 4’s Opening Lines. His band, Indian Summer, is recording and performing in and around London.

Gayle Richardson was born and raised in Kent, England where her heart will always flutter. She describes her poems as having a dark edge. As a sufferer of Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E.), she gets very frustrated as a lot of people don’t understand the illness or even attempt to so poetry is great way for her to vent her frustrations. An opinionated soul believing if you have something to say, then say it, don’t beat around the bush and hide those inner eaten feelings. Gayle wouldn’t be Gayle without her Mother Carole who is the love of her life. Describing her poetry as word germs, Gayle is determined to do her best to keep spreading them. Read Gayle’s work in the great weather for MEDIA anthology I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand.


And in the bluer corner, standing up for Unthank Books are:

Gordon Collins has been a market risk analyst in London, a maths lecturer, an English teacher in Japan, and a computer graphics researcher specialising in virtual humans. He has three different degrees in mathematics as well as an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. He has been published in Riptide Vol 3, Danse Macabre, Infinity’s Kitchen, Liar’s League ,and the UEA Creative Writing Anthology 2010. His story “Even Meat Fill” appeared in Unthology 3 from Unthank Books.

Ashley Stokes is the co-editor of Unthology and the author of Touching the Starfish and The Syllabus of Errors. His short fiction has appeared in London Magazine, The Warwick Review, Fleeting among others.

Ashley Stokes: Oxford 2014

Ashley Stokes: Oxford 2014


Tim Sykes studied Russian and lived in St Petersburg in the 1990s. He is currently writing a cycle of stories that draw on his wanderings in Russia and Russian literature.

Hands across the Ocean for Great Weather. Happy Birthday to Us. Join us and join in.