Unthology 6

There’s another great review of Unthology 6 out, this time from Our Book Reviews.

“Yet another truly fabulous collection compiled by these two editors who, for me, don’t seem able to put a foot wrong.”


You can read the whole review here.

To celebrate the publication of Unthology 6, Unthank Book are now offering the Kindle version of Unthology 5 for £2.49.

Looking back at Unthology 5, Andrew Oldham and John D Rutter talk about their contributions on the Unthank Blog.

“I think Ashley is an excellent editor, he’s not afraid to question something in your writing if he thinks it will benefit the fiction and the anthology. That is a great skill for an editor to have and improves the craft of the writer. Writers can often be too close to their work, a case of not seeing the wood for the trees, and you need someone to question what your work is about and then to ask that question again and again until you actually consider what is at the heart of the story. This is what makes the Unthology series so good, at the heart of every story there is something linking together the writers ideas in the anthology so that it works as a whole but each story propels the reader on and on, challenging them to reassess their views on short fiction.”

Unthology 5

Unthology 5