Unthology 6

New review of Unthology 6, this time from We Love This Book.

“This collection begins with a story (“Psycho-Nasal Aggravation Syndrome” by Gordon Collins) of which the final image made me splutter with horrified amusement: a promising introduction to the Unthology series. This story was followed by 16 more, of varying length and style which entertained me on several train journeys. The editors of the Unthology series have no restrictions on word count or theme and this approach has led to a collection that has no agenda, except to bring attention to fresh new fiction. I’m certain any reader will find stories they enjoy in this collection, my own personal favourites being “Power Surge” by Graeme Finnie and “Stalemate” by Simon Griffiths.”

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Unthology 6 is now available to order from the Unthank Books Online Bookshop and is ready to download for your Kindle.