I’m very pleased to have a new story, RIVERS OF CLOUD, in the first issue of LOSSLIT magazine.


“You would have loved the roar that erupted in the back of the truck when Stojan told us we’d arrived at the summit. Even though I couldn’t see it yet, I could sense the building. And I knew that ever since those guys from Sofia told us about it, you had anticipated it. This was our great goal, to be headed for and captured.

The Communists built it as a monument. It was meant to last forever, to preside over these mountains and survey a world without strife. As you know, the mosaics were supposed to be amazing, when they were intact, before they were vandalized after the Wall came down twenty-five years ago this coming November. You would have been proud of me for getting here in the end.”


You can read the full story here.

RIVERS OF CLOUD is inspired by the Buzludzha building in Bulgaria.




There’s a short film about Buzludzha here.