Very pleased to have a new story, FIXATOR, in The Lonely Crowd Issue 3, alongside other  stories by top writing friends Jane Roberts, Ruby Cowling, Gary Budden, Tania Hershman and a host more.



“The other boys have already left you behind. It is winter, the end of January. The park is misty, the sky low and solid white. You are limping. Either side of you the trees stand like black tusks. In the mist they seem to smoulder, as if a great fire swept through here, a fire like in the Chinese painting of Hell you saw at the museum. Duncan ‘Donuts’ Bennett, who always comes last at cross-country, even he has shambled past you. Sweat came off him like you imagine sweat would spray from a bear cooling itself on a hot day.

Some of this is true, some of it embellished. You would not have compared Bennett to a bear. You’re not sure that he was called ‘Donuts’. You were certainly not thinking about Oriental art during the run. The weather wasn’t misty, only drab. You have authored these details, added a cultural reference and a silly name. You have invented the atmospherics, the mist. The mist that smudges the line of trees to your right, the mist that hangs above the path of trodden grass ahead, it rolls in from ‘now.’ ‘Now’ is the Place of Mists.”


You can order The Lonely Crowd here.

There’s also an essay by me, “Some of this is true, some of it embellished: Writing Fixator‘ on The Lonely Crowd blog.