Welcome to the Unthology Archipelago


Very pleased to invite you to the launch of Unthology 9 at a special Project U event on 6th April at the Library Restaurant in Norwich.

Unthology 9 is the latest in our celebrated series showcasing short fiction by new and established authors.

Join us on the night, have a drink, mingle and listen to heart-rending tales of catastrophe and salvage.



Your Host:

Ashley Stokes (editor)


Roelof Bakker
Judy Birkbeck
Gordon Collins
Tim Love
Jane Roberts
Tim Sykes

Upstairs at The Library restaurant.
4a Guildhall Hill
7 – 10pm

Unthology 9, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones

Succumb when love fizzles out and degrades you in public, when your knees give and your breath fails. Shun your mother. Flee the music of the camps and the glare of white nights. Sell your baby. Sell your stash, your kidney and your collection of strange dolls to buy a time machine. Brave the seas in a bathtub. Ride the dust currents. Your timing must be impeccable, and your skill with the scalpel expert. Mourn, salvage and refuse to fade. Struggle up the beach, heart raring, fists tightened. Welcome to the archipelago. Welcome to Unthology 9.

 UNTHOLOGY 9: The Vital Statistics

ISBN: 97819100641442
PRICE: £9.99
EDITORS: Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones
PUBLICATION: April 6th 2017
CATEGORIES: General Fiction


Juno Baker, Roelof Bakker, Judy Birkbeck, SJ Butler, Gordon Collins, Dan Coxon, Sarah Dobbs, Sarah Evans, Rosie Gailor, Tania Hershman, Tim Love, Mark Mayes, Jane Roberts, John D Rutter,   Nick Sweeney, Tim Sykes, Jonathan Taylor

The First Review

“The tales in Unthank Books’ Unthology 9 are awash with troubled souls grappling with twisted ideas about love. From paternal to oedipal, the sensuality is fringed with unease. Protective love, manipulative love, obsessive, idealistic and thwarted, it’s all here, laid out between the pages of Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones’ latest masterpiece.

The introduction is itself akin to a beautiful flash fiction, rich in atmosphere and mood. It’s the perfect introduction to this archipelago of outstanding fiction, where every story is an island and each reader an elective castaway.”


Read the full review here.


UNTHOLOGY 9: Now Available to Pre-Order

If you want a shot at short story redemption as the tide goes out on us all, Unthology 9 is available to pre-order from all good high street and online bookstores and from the Unthank Books website