Very pleased to say that I have a new story, Anticlockwise, in Bare Fiction this month.


Anticlockwise is the story of two boys, Vale and Verber, who follow the instructions of a local myth and run around the Sattinshaw Ring seven times anticlockwise to tempt the devil into offering them a bowl of soup for their souls. When they do, someone does appear, and thenceforth souls will be in the balance.

“Before the hurricane uprooted the trees of Sattinshaw Ring, and shortly before we were expelled from St Alberics, Verber and I broke ranks to tempt the Devil from his hilltop.

We’d been ordered to stay right behind Mr Gough, our geography teacher and biggest fan, as he marched the class up a track towards a long barrow. On the minibus ride from the school, Verber had chanted ‘me yum scrabbly, choppa dooby’ from the Kinder Egg advert louder and louder until Mr Gough screamed, ‘Anymore, Verber, and I’ll take a bloody axe to you.’ On average, he threatened to kill Verber about three times a week. One day he was going to bite the mushroom, berserker style, and paint the walls with Verber.”

Bare Fiction 10 also contains plenty of intriguing, topnotch stories, poetry and drama. You can order it here.