February 2013      THE SYLLABUS OF ERRORS.  Unthank Books: ISBN 978-0-9564223-9-2


February 2010      TOUCHING THE STARFISH – a novel. Unthank Books: ISBN: 978-0-9564223-0-9.

Short Fiction


December 2017: Anticlockwise in Bare Fiction 10.


September 2016: This is the End and Decompression Chamber in The End: Fifteen Endings: Short Fiction Inspired by the Artwork of Nicolas Ruston (Unthank Books)


November 2015:     Fixator in The Lonely Crowd: Issue 3


October 2015:         All Our Stories End Like This in Wales Arts Review Halloween           Special 2015

May 2015:                  Rivers of Cloud in LossLit #1

October 2013:           The Insurrections in Eunoia Review.

September 2013:     Catriona’s Five-Year Plan in Lakeview Journal of Art and Literature.

May 2013:                  Temple and Space in friction: review.

March 2013:              Down with the Man of the Devil in FleetingBooks.

November 2012        Trans-Neptune in Unthology No.3

June 2012                  If All Things Remain Equal in The Warwick Review: June 2012

March 2012               Iguanadon:

March 2012               Zone Ends:

February 2012           Forever Breathes the Lonely Word Fleeting

December 2011         Ultima Thule –

November 2011        A Popular Novelist Foresees His Death – FleetingBooks

November 2011        The Swan King in Unthology No.2 – ISBN 978-0-9564223-6-1

March 2011              All Else is Photographs:

December 2010        Extract from Island Gardens:

December 2010        Nobody Pays For It:

December 2010        A Short Story about a Short Film in Unthology No.1 – ISBN 978-0-9564233-1-6

December 2008        It’s That Man Again in Staple 69/70 – ISSN 0266   4410

December 2008        Throbbing Star in Collections (Chapter One) – ISBN 978-0-9557197-0-7

November 2005        Post-Leading Man in Bonfire 3/2005 – ISSN 1745-3607

October 2002            The Suspicion of Bones in The Bridport Prize 2002 – ISBN 1 – 900178-69-9

May 2001                  Man to Man in Pretext: Volume 3 –  Rancour – UEA/Pen&Inc. ISBN 1-902913-10-8

January 2001            Storming the Bastille in Signals 3 -London Magazine Editions- ISBN-0-904388-86-7

October 1999            CIQ in Pretext: Volume 1 – Salvage – University of East Anglia -ISBN – 1-902912-01-9

October 1998:           HardA collection of short fiction by Ashley Stokes – UEA <Texts>

January 1998:           Strange ChemistryThis is/Lost Love.

December 1997:       Something Called the Modern World – EM.  Music and Writing Two


Non Fiction

April 2019:                Voice (TLC Press Craft and Creativity Mini Guide)


January 2018:          The Art of Letting Go or The Strange Case of the North Surrey                                            GigantopithecusThe Literary Consultancy Blog 

November 2015:      Some this is true, some of it embellished: Writing FixatorThe                                                  Lonely Crowd

August 2001:           Plotting a NovelThe Creative Writing Coursebook –  Macmillan, ISBN 0 333 782259


July 2018:              The Irish Times

March 2017:        The Short Story

As Editor

July 2019: Unthology 11, edited by Ashley Stokes and Tom Vowler


May 2019: Unveiled: The First Unthank School Anthology, edited by Ashley Stokes and Stephen Carver (Unthank Cameo)


July 2018: Unthology 10, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones (Unthank Books)


July 2017: Unthology 9: edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones (Unthank Books)



September 2016: The End: Fifteen Endings to Fifteen Paintings: Short Fiction Inspired by the Artwork of Nicolas Ruston (Unthank Books).


January 2016: Unthology 8: edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones: Unthank Books


July 2015: Unthology 7: edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books ISBN978-1-910061-12-1

Unthology 7 front cover-1

January 2015: Unthology 6: edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books ISBN 978-1-910061-04-6


June 2014: Unthology 5: Edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books, ISBN 978-1-910061-00-8

The 'flawless' Unthology 5.

The ‘flawless’ Unthology 5.

November 2013:   Unthology 4: edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books, ISBN 978-0-9572897 – 4 – 1

Unthology 4

Unthology 4

“Unthology 4 is a wonderful collection, packed with distinct author voices and well considered, skilfully composed prose. Hugely entertaining, never dull and always intriguing, Unthology 4 makes for a stunningly original read.” The Siren.

November 2012: Unthology 3, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books, ISBN 978-0-9572897-0-3

Unthology No.3

Unthology No.3

“The first short story anthology I’ve read in which there wasn’t a single story I despised.” Book Munch.

November 2011:   Unthology 2, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books, ISBN 978-0-9564223-6-1


“Overall this is a great showcase for up and coming writers and it gives you everything a short story collection should. Great writing, different styles and a chance to be shocked, saddened and entertained.” Inside Books

November 2010:  Unthology 1, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones – Unthank Books, ISBN 978-0-9564223-1-6


“ . . . all the stories in Unthology are enjoyable and well-written, with some unique voices emerging. The collection keeps its promises: this is a varied, well put-together collection showcasing some interesting writers in an unrestricted and playful place.” The Short Review